The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Baton Rouge provides the following services to the local community: Food ServicesShelter / HousingStores / Distribution CentersUniforms for KidsPrescription ServicesDisaster Relief, and Thirst for Justice. Contact: The Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Baton Rouge or Request Assistance here.

The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank has a mission to feed those in need in Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes by providing food and educational outreach through faith-based and other community partners. Contact: Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank

All Other Resources and Assistance Programs: Crisis Services, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Domestic Abuse, Trauma, Health Services, Counseling, Behavioral Health, Social Workers, Housing Assistance, Electricity Assistance, Legal Needs, Emergency Needs, and more click here.

BRCC Services for Students and Alumni

Career Services has supportive and encouraging experts who care about your success. Learn impressive interviewing skills, build an incredible resume, and a polished professional image that give you an edge over the competition. Receive a personalized job search plan that allows you to navigate the job search process with confidence. Also connections to employers who are motivated to hire BRCC students for jobs and internships. Contact: Career Services

BRCC Counseling Resources Contact: Counseling Services

ADA Assistance Contact: Accessibility Services


The Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement at BRCC has a vision to develop our students into autonomous learners who operate with self-agency, self-efficacy, and apply knowledge/skills gained to: graduate from BRCC, transfer to a four-year college and become good citizens in their words, actions and deeds using their natural gifts, talents and job readiness skills. A place where life, leadership, academic achievement, workforce development, and entrepreneurial guidance are found in experiences, exposure, professional examples, access to end game job opportunities, academic counseling, academic workshops, workspaces, customized tutoring in individual and group settings, mentoring by peer and successful professionals, and much more.